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meet Common Kosci summer guest

Sian A’Hern

Checked in: November 2023

Birth town: Canberra ACT

Three words that describe you best?

Ambitious, Energetic, thoughtful

Favourite morning ritual?

A big cup of coffee, some yummy breakfast, and a little bit of reading then into training.

What bike are you riding currently (at Thredbo)?

My YT Industries Capra, I have been loving riding the enduro bike after a big season of Downhill racing on the World Cup Circuit. Nice for something a little different.

Do you ride different bikes for different trails?

I sure do! My downhill bike is my main race bike, I use that for all the downhill tracks like Cannonball DH at Thredbo, and then I use my enduro bike for the more flow tracks, all trail riding and most of my training, I also LOVE my e bike and spend a bit of time on that getting max descents.

What would you say/encourage to those that want to get into Mountain Biking but don’t know where to start?

I would say best place to start would be to hire a bike somewhere local to you to see what it’s all like but not have to spend too much on a bike if you are unsure about it. My second tip would be to start small on trails and work your way up, and not rush it. Mountain biking is so epic and caters for every level of rider and to me that is so special. Starting mountain biking changed my life for the good and I want to encourage more people to give it a go and I am very certain everyone will fall in love just like I did.

What would you encourage newbies to purchase getting into the sport of Mountain biking?

Once you know you want to start mountain biking more and riding, if you have the funds, I encourage people to buy a dual suspension bike, it makes your ride way more comfortable and can really help with confidence on the trails. Another thing I would encourage to buy would be a good pair of pedals and riding shoes, this will make your ride much better, and you especially don’t want your feet to be falling off the bike, as it is one of your two contact points. One more suggestion would be good and comfortable mountain bike gear, protection and clothing including a good helmet!!!

Favourite musician artists on the playlist (if any) to get you ready for a race?

Oh gosh, my music taste is very varied. So before races I have a playlist called ‘Caml and Fast’, that is full of liquid drum and bass and songs that get me feeling flow for riding and feel good. Then when I am not listening to that my go to genres are country, indie/alternative, house music, rap and all that in between haha I do listen to A LOT of music.

What are some of the first Mountain Biking trails you began on as a grommy?

Funny you say that, Thredbo was my first MTB experience and then my first ever race. I have so much love for Thredbo and where it has gotten me to in my career.

Tell us about how you got into downhill riding competitively?

Well, I come from a background of racing motocross since the age of 8 and stopped around 14 years old. I then didn’t really show much interest in any sports until FINALLY my family convinced me to try mountain biking. My brother was already racing, and I gave his bike a go and I fell in love with it!!!!! And here we are just under 10 years later, MTB is my job, career and my pure passion.

What is your favourite track to ride in the Snowies/Thredbo?

Ha-ha hard to pass Cannonball Downhill at Thredbo, Just an all-time favourite and I love going fast and that track is FAST!!!

What’s in your overnight travel bag?

Training gear, My Brixton casuals, a good book and headphones! The necessities really!

Favourite childhood holiday spot?

Believe it or not, Thredbo! We came to Thredbo almost every weekend once we started mountain biking. Some of my greatest memories as a family are at Thredbo!

If you are not riding, what do you enjoy doing in Kosci National Park?

Hiking for sure, or chilling by the river, going to the gym or relaxing after so much riding!!

Most enjoyable resting spot at Common Kosci?

THE COUCH!!!! Impossible to want to get off!!

If you were an Aussie animal what would you be?

Kangaroo because I am a big ball of energy!! Haha

Coffee or Tea?

I love both!!!!! But coffee

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

I am starting to train again now after a month off, a long 7 months away from home racing it’s so nice to be back on home turf and enjoying the small things. I am now getting prepared for the World Cup season ahead, big goals and lots of epic racing is on the cards!!!

How do we best track your career?

Follow my Instagram!! I post lots of stories of my adventures and many reels of all my cool trips, and all the fun I get up to!!